Editorial: Just hours away

Almost there.

A day remains until Christmas is finally here, with all of its joy and wonder.

We realize that for many people, particularly the young, excitement and anticipation will want this day to end and the holiday to begin. Indeed, this year’s Christmas season seems to have been in large part about a rush.

Once Thanksgiving arrived, we were told that there just weren’t that many days to shop before the big holiday. And now we’re on the brink, and chances are there are still people rushing around trying to put the finishing touches on whatever plans they have for Wednesday.


As the poet Alfred Tennyson wrote in 1850:

“The time draws near the birth of Christ:

The moon is hid; the night is still;

The Christmas bells from hill to hill

Answer each other in the mist.”

Don’t let the excitement, or in some cases the pressure, make you miss what’s really important about the day and the hours before.

This begins with the story of Christmas and what happened all those many years ago in Bethlehem. A birth and miracle all wrapped up as one with a joyous message of peace and good will toward one and all. Break it down even more and you’ll see that the message is one about love. That message can — and should — be shared by one and all regardless of their faith.

Yes, all of the trappings of the holiday in 2013, from the lights and decorations to the gifts and food can make for a wonderful and festive occasion. But they don’t add up to much if we don’t place the holiday’s meaning first and foremost in our hearts and share it with others.

We at The Recorder wish one and all the merriest Christmas — no matter how you may spend the day.

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