Letter: Greenfield’s voice

I was surprised by Tim Blagg’s My Turn on the aftermath of the demise of the proposed biomass plant in town. It appeared that he did not know the terms of Matt Wolfe’s proposed plant. It was never to be a cogeneration plant as Blagg asserts producing heat and electricity. It intended just electric production and that not very efficiently. The reason, I suspect, that Matt let the idea go was that it was too costly to build with not enough payback for him. The citizens of Greenfield came out in high numbers, the highest voter turnout in years, to vote on the issue of cooling with town water. The Greenfield opposition was never to discourage business coming to town, but having a voice in what kind of business and how that business would affect us. One of the reasons I live here is that the citizenry has an active voice in town matters. My volunteer time with Greening Greenfield has been most satisfying to see the issue of sustainability included in the future Master Plan process. This value is shared by many people, not just a few. I urge your readers to educate themselves in civic process. Greening Greenfield will be glad to help in the area of sustainable living practices and decisions for a healthy, economically vibrant future.



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