Gun laws MUST be national

There is very little that’s clear about the recent massacres in Connecticut and New York state. Motives are murky, madness may be a factor ... it’s too soon to be able to see the situation and analyze possible solutions.

What transpired between mother and son that triggered the Newtown rampage? Why did a New York prosecutor decide to accept a plea to a lesser charge 32 years ago, thereby allowing William Spengler to be released after 17 years, rather than serving a life sentence for killing his grandmother with a hammer?

It’s not possible to say.

But one thing is emerging from these and prior mass slayings — we must find the political will to make our firearms laws national, not state, in nature.

Federal statutes limiting, but not defying, the Second Amendment are a necessity if we are to get a handle on our out-of-control firearms situation.

Just as the First Amendment can be modified (you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater, for example) so can the right to bear arms be adjusted for the greater good.

As long as Americans can “shop” for lax gun laws by driving from state to state, we won’t be able to control access to weapons, even for convicted felons, abusers and those suffering from mental illness.

And the killing will continue.

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