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Warm the Children

Ready or not, fall is definitely here.

This is a season worth embracing. It’s hard to beat a fall day where the sun is warm, the air is crisp and all around you the leaves are offering autumn’s colorful display.

And at night, there’s an occasional hint of wood smoke drifting in the air.

Despite the beauty of the season, though, it’s also sending a signal that we’re headed toward cooler days and nights. Except for those teenagers who wear shorts and a T-shirt until the first snow fall, the rest of us are pulling out the sweaters, the coats and other clothing appropriate for the season.

It’s all about keeping warm.

Sadly, there are too many Franklin County residents who, because of their particular economic situation, have trouble when it comes to making sure their children have the right kind of clothing during the late fall and winter months here in New England. Perhaps they’ve grown out of last year’s coat or boots. Or perhaps the wear and tear that children put clothing through has made those pants or shirt unwearable this year.

Whatever the reason, they don’t have the proper clothing or footwear to go out on a chilly morning to school, let alone when the snow flies or the temperature dips below freezing.

It’s this very situation that got people at The Recorder thinking more than 20 years ago about what they could do for these boys and girls.

Out of that desire Warm the Children was created.

Since then, The Recorder has spearheaded an annual effort to make sure the children in the area have the proper clothing to meet whatever the weather of late fall and winter might have in store. From coats, boots, mittens and hats to shirts, pants socks and underwear, Warm the Children has outfitted our young citizens year after year, making sure that every dollar donated goes entirely to purchasing warm clothes.

Through it all, the residents of the county and beyond have been a willing and important partner in this effort. From knitting items like hat, mittens and scarves to fundraising to individual donations, people have stepped up to help provide our children with the kind of clothing they need at this time of year.

The need for help this year is no different.

Please consider contributing to Warm the Children by mailing your donation to Warm the Children, c/o The Recorder, P.O. Box 1367, Greenfield, MA 01302, or by telephoning Rich Fahey at 413-772-0261 to get more information.

Let’s make sure that warm clothing isn’t an issue for the young people of our county.

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