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Swinterton/My Turn: Beware of Hillary

It’s no secret that when it comes to national elections, Democrats run against Republicans period, but Republicans must run against Democrats, biased main media, comedians, Hollywood and in our last election, even Broadway got into the act by producing the disgusting “Book of Mormon” to hurt Mitt Romney.

National mainstream media doesn’t even try to deny their bias anymore. Both NBC and CNN are starting out early to promote Hillary to be our next president!

Just what has she done that qualifies her to be president? Her resume is outstanding and no doubt she’s done more than the community organizer, Barack Obama, ever did!

Rename the resume’s cover and look closely at her record. She arrived in Arkansas with an elite education and was unable to find a position in Arkansas with a law firm until her husband became governor.

She rose to prominence on the back of a disbarred, impeached, unfaithful husband who disgraced the Oval Office and took advantage of a young foolish girl. Until recently, even the Democrats wouldn’t allow him on the stage. Even to this day, Al Gore won’t speak to him!

But Hillary stayed with her man!

As first lady, Bill gave Hillary the health care assignment and she produced a FLOP!

She chose and moved to a safe state, was elected to the Senate where she was inactive. It was all about her and she simply used it as a stepping stone.

She ran for president in 2008 and failed. She, however, got into the real dirt of the campaigns when she became desperate for a win, by bringing up the Birther Issue. It was Hillary, NOT the tea parties who first brought up the issue. Later, Hillary said her staff did it and forgot to tell her! Really?

As secretary of state, she flew around the world and accomplished little. Only thing that seemed to get any attention was what she was doing with her hair and on that front she didn’t seem to pick a winner!

Her biggest early mistake, made along with her co-partner Obama, was taking out our defense missiles facing Russia from Eastern Europe. By removing those missiles we lost our biggest bargaining chip with the Russians. Now with the recent happenings over the Edward Snowden, events it appears the United States look weak and smirking. Vladimir Putin has the upper hand over Obama. Another cold war coming? Meantime Putin sends George W. Bush a get-well card to remind us of a friendlier, happier time with the Russians.

Then there’s Bengazi. Hillary was in charge and it was a complete disaster. Mainstream media wouldn’t even talk about it just before the election because it might make their guy look bad! To make it worse, Hillary looked at us as fools and lied about the tragedy. We didn’t see the famous Clinton finger pointing at us, Hillary simply lied.

Many are asking why Huma Weiner and Silda Spitzer are sticking with their creeps. Could it be Hillary is their role model and could be whispering “Stick with your man and maybe you, too, might be able to run for higher office, just remember be sure you have the press behind you.”

So when you think of Hillary as president just look carefully at her record. One negative after negative will never give you a plus!

Georgie Swinterton lives in South Deerfield.

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