My Turn: He’s been heard plenty

Recently, The Recorder had another news story involving Al Norman. Is it fair that he gets the headlines and stories while other people have to wait 30 days between letters, and only 300 words, to have their say?

I think 26 years of stopping jobs and a place to shop has given him and his group plenty of time to be heard.

Now he wants to change the Planning Board rules to his liking, not Greenfield’s.

He must of had a run-in of some sort with Walmart years ago to show so much hate.

My wife and I want to East Windsor, Conn., recently, and I said to her “just think if these abutters had to look at the buildings in the city every day and they complain about one store in the middle of a large piece of land that is surrounded by forest.”

If someone had gone to the developer and made a way to sell local products in this new store, this issue would have less traction.

Maybe someone is looking for a payoff.

There’s a grass-roots effort to make Walmart go union, plus complaints about the selling of Chinese products, but none of these people complain about the Chinese money we’re borrowing and the debt the second generation will have to bear.

It was stated that Walmart only pays $15,000 a year. Never mentioned was that most of these people want to work part-time or that you can work your way up to $20 an hour like anywhere else.

Break this figure down to a monthly pay and you get $1,250. Compare it to the average check Social Security pays in America, which is $1,100 per month.

Here’s a suggestion for Mr. Norman: Why don’t you campaign to get $5,000 more a year for us retirees!

And you wonder why Walmart stores are full of senior citizens. Walmart is also the largest employer of retirees. Never mentioned by opponents was how much Walmart pays in real estate taxes or how much it donates to charities or how much it pays in city and state permits to sell different products.

To those of you who think Walmart is so evil, I want you to look at the back of a box of Honey Nut Cheerios and see where Walmart has teamed up with General Mills to help food banks across the country.

I’m proud of the employees at Walmart who work day to day regardless of pay ’cause they could be home drinking beer and watching TV. This $15,000 a year I won’t have to pay out of my pocket.

To think that one judge can make a multimillion-dollar decision on this proposed retail development is ludicrous.

Noel Gomez lives in South Deerfield.

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