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Culprit in gun violence

Obama ignoring Hollywood’s role

You hear Obama over and over again blaming guns and video games for the violence that keeps erupting across the land, but he never mentions Hollywood. Many feel that the violent films produced are the main culprits.

Why not blame on Hollywood from Obama? It’s not secret Hollywood supports candidates to the left and you don’t slap one of the hands that feeds you!

Fortunes are being made from the production of violence movies. Recent big money makers are “Bullet to the Head,” “Warm Bodies,” “Mama” and many others. Words that help describe these films are strong violence, bloody images, strong language, sex, drugs and many others. Large crowds rush to watch and money pours into Hollywood.

Who can forget last year’s big hit “Hunger Games,” where one young person after another was killed in this very violent film? Some teachers rushed teenage students to see the film as part of a lesson to make a point on an issue. Could they not figure out how to present the lesson in another way than having the students watch a film where many children and young adults are slaughtered?

The action in “The Dark Knight Rises” — which caused the massacre in a Colorado theater — was what inspired the mentally ill person to imitate the actions in the film.

Obama is correct when he blames violent video games. Some that I have seen are violent and filled with killing. The way to stop them from being made is to stop buying them. If sales slip, they’d soon be gone.

Obama wants strict gun laws and to ban assault weapons. Strict laws do exist now and don’t seem to help. They don’t help because state and federal government administrations aren’t doing enough to enforce them.

Two examples of how ineffective these laws are is that Connecticut has very strict gun laws. Chicago has some of the most strict laws in the nation, but in Chicago recently seven were killed in the streets!

Concerning guns, Obama as usual talks out of both sides of his mouth! He has always supported gun bans and gun-ban schemes and then suddenly there’s the photo of him shooting a large gun.

He used this photo during the campaign in some areas to gain support from hunters, NRA members and others. In the photo he tries to appear he’s one of the guys and a friend and a supporter of gun owners. It was a political move that moved few! How dumb does he think we are? But again, when you think about it, a majority of voters believed he would only tax those making over $250,000. Notice your payroll tax climb? So much for the middle class!

So the next time you want to blame something for the violence in our nation, include Hollywood. Instead of attending a violent movie try to attend one of Hollywood’s non-violent films that are available. Maybe, just maybe, it will send a message as their profits go down and help curb the violence!

Obama is loved and respected by the Hollywood crowd and if he’d stop being a politician for a minute, he’d realize he has the power to urge Hollywood to cool it when it comes to violence in its films and it might be just the right push to help prevent future tragedies.

Georgie Swinerton lives in South Deerfield.

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