Letter: Investing in town services

Many residents may not realize that the state has introduced more and more mandates for towns. These mandates often involve ongoing training as well as more responsibilities for many town departments such as police, fire, water, highway, wastewater, etc. Naturally, employees expect to be compensated for their continuing education.

Our town’s employees perform their jobs in a professional manner and put the safety of residents first and foremost. Yes, the town could put a limit on our compensation, but at what price to its residents? Most employees live in this town, know the town’s people by name, and have a great sense of pride and loyalty in the jobs they perform.

If people believe the town is overpaying its people, maybe they should ask themselves: “What if it were my home that was on fire, or my child was lost or abducted, or it was my house affected by a water main break that left me without water?” What price would you put on the training and quality of our services then?

It serves the town well to keep investing in its employees who have shown loyalty to the town with their many years of experience.

One man’s opinion.


Resident and Town of Orange employee

Richard, You should be compensated for what the training costs if you pay for it. But if the training is provided and required for the job that should be it. You could take the training and apply to other organizations and expect a fair price, or not take it and they could hire someone else who would like the job and take the training. It is time for you to give back to the area. People who work for the taxpayer seem to have a good gig. A pretty good retirement and benefits that the rest of society does not have. The middle class cannot keep paying more in taxes and living a good life.

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