Letter: The Walmart issue

I’ve never bought The Recorder until the Walmart issue came up.

Mr. Norman has not accomplished anything against Walmart because all he’s done is force the citizens of Greenfield to subsidize Walmarts in Hinsdale, Orange, Hadley and Northampton.

Greenfield has and will lose tax revenue. For a city of 20,000 people to settle for fewer jobs makes no sense.

I guess you like having all the young people milling around downtown who should be working.

Now the burial grounds have come up again only to stop the developer and Walmart’s case will sit in court longer.

Only a person working for the state of Massachusetts would know how to get this case in a housing court.

Now I want the judge in this case to look up the word “abutter” in the dictionary.

It states that an “abutter” has land bordering and touching the land in question, which is the developer’s.

Do all these abutters meet this criteria?

I’m to believe that Greenfield has 21 acres where the burial grounds are.

Where are the signs or plaques honoring these Indians? This issue is such a big deal only because Walmart could and should be there.

I hope the developer sticks to his hopes of having a store there.

I really don’t understand how a city like yours isn’t fighting for more tax revenue from this property. There’s around $100,000 of real estate tax money. How many other businesses combined could match this?

You have a divided city. On one end you can have businesses on top of each other and on the French King end they say stay out.

You wonder why there are no jobs in America? Well this is a good example.


South Deerfield

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