Editorial: Good move by RMV

Brief thoughts on some of the events making news around Franklin County and the North Quabbin area:

The Registry of Motor Vehicles deserves praise in deciding to reinstate its policy of notifying drivers when their driver’s license is about to expire. Those reminders — which came to an end five years ago as part of state budget cutting — are a small but important public service. The plan is to alert drivers with a postcard and let them know how they can renew their license, either online or with a visit to the RMV. Since most people don’t pay a whole lot of attention to when their license expires, getting this reminder is quite valuable and should save some embarrassment — and perhaps a ticket.

Montague Libraries’ new director

Congratulations to Linda Hickman on being selected as the new director for the Montague Public Libraries. While landing the job took somewhat of a curious route (the first choice resigned just two weeks into the job) Hickman appears to be a smart choice, what with her familiarity of the library and community. Before being hired she was the children’s librarian for the Montague Libraries and that gives her particular insight into the strengths of the library and the challenges it faces, like greater web access. We wish her well in the new job.

Orange’s outlook

What we took away from the three-part series on Orange and its finances is that the town still has far to go in creating a sense of economic security. This includes the decision as to whether to partner with the state when it comes to Butterfield Park. The state has offered $300,000 toward a project that would renovate and improve the park, with a condition that the town match the money. It’s not an easy decision, given Orange’s continuing financial struggles, but we hope that enough residents see the value of such an investment and support the plan. Meanwhile other efforts need to be made to widen the tax base as well as realizing that one of the town’s best assets is its people, including those who work for the community.

Bank branch in Turners Falls

We’re glad to see Greenfield Co-operative Bank open a branch in Turners Falls. The bank moved into a building that had housed a Bank of America branch, thus it seems a good fit as well and it just adds another convenience for the bank’s customers. Plus it’s another business in the village to bring people in.

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