Letter: Ask yourself

Washington politics is like a deck of cards with so many jokers. In the card game, they promised you a bed of roses in the last election. The answer to the crystal ball is not very clear. So many unanswered questions. The next problem will be senior citizens, beware. No Social Security checks in November.

My fellow residents of America, beware of what transpired in October of 2013. Next spring, they will promise you a rose garden, again.

Election Day, Nov. 4, is fast approaching. The fall of 2013 will not be mentioned. It will be swept under the rug. Come Election Day 2014, stay home, do not vote. What has happened to “God Bless America?” Ask your congressmen for answers. What has happened to liberty, justice for all and a better America?

They can’t and won’t help you.

It is quite evident they received their monthly paycheck.

What about yours? What has happened to the very hardworking American who has a family to support? Next step will be the unemployment department will be closed to the shutdown. Also forget your food stamps; they will be no more.

Think before you vote. I ask you one question: Who is telling the truth in our government? Could it be the Republican or Democrats or whoever, but can you trust them?

In closing, God Bless America and save her in these financial affairs.

I’m happy to be an American. How about you?


Turners Falls

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