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Letter: Political judgment

I found the angry column of Chris Collins somewhat amusing just because he didn’t get his way and his good friend Isaac Mass was absolutely rejected by the Town Council. I really don’t have to watch the dreary procedure on film to know that Mass indeed is not qualified to sit on that board.

I am sure that Mass is a gregarious enough of a fellow so my critique is not personal but, God forbid, political. Mass has served as a functionary for the Republican Party for years. He has in the past, through Collins’ column, praised Sarah Palin and backed Gingrich. As far as I am concerned, this should disqualify anyone. Although I find most Democrats on a national level slightly above useless, the Republican Party has become an unadulterated menace to society. Their recent stunt of a government shutdown should point out to anyone with a pulse that the we are dealing with an element that is not quite mentally healthy.

It was unfortunate that Collins in his sputtering anger misrepresented the positions of Al Norman. I have heard him more than once say that a smaller store than presented would be an acceptable compromise. That sounds different than “doing everything possible to keep a large discount retailer from coming to town.”

The true elephant in the room is Walmart, a criminal operation that fronts as a retailer (Try Googling “Walmart breaking law”). If this corporation was really a person (like most good Republicans believe), it would be doing life in prison under “three strikes you’re out” laws. Isaac’s leadership of Greenfield for Growth meant he served as a front for a serial law-breaker known as Walmart. What ever happened to law and order? Thank you, Town Council!



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