Letter: Following along

Let me see if I got this Planning Board thing straight.

At the meeting to vote on Issac Mass’ appointment to the Planning Board, all the councilors felt Issac was very qualified and said so. Then they voted against his appointment to the Planning Board.

The whole thing started when the COUNCIL blocked the reappointment of Jim Allen. Then the mayor legally withdrew George Touloumtzis and Wilson Roberts up for appointment as alternates. To assuage this blow to their apparently delicate feelings, the COUNCIL now wants to hold the city of Greenfield hostage until they get their way.

Never underestimate the power of vengeful people in large groups. Whatever happened to “A drop of honey catches more flies than a pint of vinegar.”

And do I foresee mediation in the future? Nah! There are trained mediators of the council. Fox in the henhouse sort of thing.



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