Letter: Automatic tax hikes?

Isn’t it the job of all our elected legislators to consider and write legislation, vote on taxes and make their case to us, their constituents, the voters and taxpayers?

It is bad enough the U.S. Congress passed a 2,700-page health care law affecting one-sixth of the U.S. economy and nearly every citizen and business without reading it? You will remember, “We have to pass it, to find out what is in it.”

Isn’t one of the big problems with Obamacare is it was shoved through Congress, despite a majority of Americans opposing to it? You may remember “the shellacking” Congress got in the following 2010 elections.

Recently, our Massachusetts legislators and governor had the good sense to repeal the “tech tax.” Can you imagine that, a tax bill so bad that even Taxachusetts could not figure out how to implement it?

Now, the vampires in Boston have come up with an automatic taxing scheme that will not require them to vote for tax increases, not even in the dead of night.

A tax on gasoline tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) The CPI is already manipulated by government. You may remember the government and media talking heads trying to convince the rest of us, “There is no inflation.”

An automatic tax increase is unconstitutional. We elect people whose job is to vote on things, like taxes.

If we are not happy with what they are doing, we can hold someone responsible in the next election. If we allow automatic tax increase on something as fundamental as gasoline, we will have no one to blame, except ourselves.

If we do not squawk, while the automatic fox is in the henhouse, this scheme may be applied to other forms of taxes.

The citizens of Massachusetts have a few short weeks to gather a 100,000 signatures to put a question on Repealing the Automatic Gas Tax on the ballot next year.

You can help. Just download a petition from:

http://www.tankthegastax.org or email tankthegastax@gmail.com

to have one mailed to you.



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