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Letter: Pain relief

In the middle of the night are you ever awakened with the unmistakable pain in the limbs that is like an engine of destruction that tends to give way to a primitive impulse to scream? And why me? Well, we all have to suffer. It is a genuine deficiency of mind and body in humans. Everyone is going to suffer at some time. What is really scary is when you don’t know the cause, and will it return with added vigor? Many will flee to their doctor, some will search medical information from books, while others will just complain to anyone who will bear your burden and hand out unchallenged authority of cures.

A really good remedy is to offer your pain for the welfare of others. But when pain becomes really torturous, try using it to call up your own weaknesses that have been your own engine of destruction. Ah, ha, now we are getting to the nitty-gritty of it all. A good search of conscience is like a thunderous malevolence of horror. If we can stand it, confess to it, we may, realize why we have to suffer.

Perhaps, one morning, we may wake up with peace and calm, and perhaps with less pain.


Shelburne Falls

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