Letter: Anonymous criticism

Approximately six months before the Bernardston 250th celebration, Bob Raymond called me. He said that Bud Foster recommended that he call me about producing pictures for the celebration. I accepted the task. I worked many hours and paid for all the materials. I sent Bob the pictures and made a duplicate copy into a book for the library. Most of the material came from an album kept by my brother, Leland, throughout his life. His daughter, Tracy, sent me the album and I found it full of great memories. I believe the book is still in the Bernardston library.

Recently, I received an anonymous letter full of criticism about my work. Apparently, the letter writer considers the job that I thought as quite good, poor. I invite that person to do a better job producing his or her own book. Then, I will gladly accept the return of my book from the library.

It would be welcome if that person that did an excellent job of criticism would sign their name.


Ruston, La.

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