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Letter: Shift in global view

The United States because of past and present foreign policy actions, and the hard to hide underlying goals of those policies has placed itself in very precarious situation in regard to carrying out future military actions, even if those actions have moral and legal illegitimacy.

Now I am not saying that the present situation in Syria is either or both a cause for a response by the U.S. on those grounds. But because of the ambiguity of its past actions it is making very difficult for the U.S. in the eyes of the world (even it’s staunches ally Britain) to justify it’s present plan to act with military force in Syria. (Is the world finally shifting a from U.S. hegemony because of the follies in Iraq and Afghanistan?)

Maybe even thou death in destruction in both cases was and is terrible, some good can come out it?

Perhaps the world is coming out its stupor, having been hit over the head with U.S. policies for the last 70 years and start thinking in a more global sense? We can only hope!

Maybe, and I say this with reserve in the end we will have something to thank George W. Bush and is partners for?

That because of their follies, the world is finally seeing the light? That one country, one nation cannot be allowed to dictate its policies to the world based entirely on its own interests.

That the outcome which is becoming more and more obvious is what is not best for the people of the world.



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