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Letter: Driving scene

The traffic system is set up for people to take turns. On the red light, some folks stop, so others with the green light can go. For successful use of the highways, each of us drivers must cooperate.

Years ago, motorist “A” tried to make a turn and was a little off in his time. The opposing driver “B” would slow down to allow the first vehicle safe exit. Today, on numerous occasions, motorists continue to drive even though the other motorist is in his/her way! If one stops and considers this, it doesn’t make sense!

Are we getting so arrogant that we think our interests are so paramount, those others must not deter us even with our risking their lives? One person told me he prays before starting his vehicle. God help us all to be considerate of others. Are the pagans winning? Caution: watch out for the lions — we may be them.



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