Letter: Funny numbers

As American citizens are being repeatedly told time and time again that the economy is getting better, a recent Gallup Poll states quite the opposite.

Any intelligent person must ask one simple question: “Why are those who ran out of benefits not counted in true scope of being unemployed?” The answer is simple, pure politics and re-election campaigns. President Obama, just like his predecessor President Bush, likes to play funny numbers. Remember when Bush changed the unemployment figures to include food service workers to try to bring the numbers up? Obama is just as bad. He and his administration continuously report that national unemployment rates are fluctuating in the 7 to 8 percent range. The latest Gallup Poll, however, clearly states that the true national unemployment rate, when including people who ran out of benefits, who can’t find a job and who are no longer counted in the data, is a staggering 17.7 percent.

As an independent voter, I can say both political parties in this country should be held accountable and as long as we the people continue to exercise foolishness and keep voting in the same dogma that brought us to this tragic position, we have only ourselves to blame for the financial quagmire we share together. Remember to thank your greedy fellow Americans as our nation for the first time has 1,500 reported billionaires, and our politicians that love their deep pockets. Please wake up America, and start voting for the person and not the party. Both parties help put our country where it is, and as an independent voter, I fear there is no rope long enough to reach and help us climb out of the true financial pit of darkness of 17.7 percent unemployment.



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