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Letter: Over the years

OK, I will admit it. There were moments years ago when I was not considered the most civil person when discussing big box stores coming into our city. I called people out by name as they signed petitions against mere proposals. Understand, my attitude came about when people were angry at the first meeting before the developers even began their presentations.

Fast forward almost 10 years to the finished projects of Home Depot, Walgreens, Vehicle Inspection Center and BJ’s. I’m more civil now because no one died and some who were once against the projects, now shop at those same places.

I enjoy sitting next to my so-called frenemies as we pen pal with middle-schoolers, serve community meals, see a show at Cafe Arts Block and support local restaurants. We are all civil enough to understand we agree to disagree.

I think the most uncivil statement I could make today would be, if people didn’t outright fight against the project and spent more time compromising about the size, we would have our store today.

Let me be clear about one more thing if I may. This issue does not divide our community between build and not build. I would say it’s more divided by:

a) build a Walmart,

b) build anything but a Walmart,

c) build a store no bigger than 75,000 square feet,

d) build a super department store,

e) build two to four well-known stores in that area and

f) do not build anything in the French King area that currently has been purchased and I don’t suspect they will walk away. C’mon that wasn’t uncivil. Maybe a bit snarky, but mostly true.

I guess we aren’t ready to agree to disagree and build, eh?



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