Letter: Voting Tuesday

Ed Markey needs your vote on Tuesday, June 25 in the statewide Special Election for the U.S. Senate. There’s no question about who to vote for: if you’re a Democrat, a progressive, a union member, someone concerned about climate change, a woman or someone who cares about the women in their life, or someone who voted for Sen. Elizabeth Warren and President Obama — you need to vote on June 25.

Step One: Today, make an appointment in your calendar for the time you will go to your polling place to vote. We like to go together, first thing in the morning before work, to make sure it gets done. It’s a great way to start the day, knowing that we did our part. Then, for the rest of the day, we can share with friends and colleagues that we voted that morning. It can be a good reminder for folks who weren’t able to vote yet, and very often appreciated.

Step Two: Finding it difficult to find a good time for that vote on June 25? Will you be out of town during the polling hours that day? Vote absentee! You can do that now quite simply by checking with your town clerk on when they’ll be open right up until the 25th. You can apply and vote all in one short visit. Remember to bring ID and proof of your address, just in case they ask to verify that. We were out of town for the primary, so before we left, we made that appointment with each other to go to Town Hall to fill out our ballots. Then, of course, we could remind our friends to vote, by mentioning that we already voted absentee.

Step Three: Cast your ballot for Ed Markey, Democrat for U.S. Senate. He’ll take care of us, employing his vast and principled experience from his time in Congress with Elizabeth Warren’s also amazing leadership.



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