Letter: ‘Teacher’

As I think about Teacher Appreciation Week, I think about the moment when I was offered a job at the Gill-Montague School District in 1971. I was so elated!

In my interview, the superintendent talked about my salary and I remembered thinking “they are going to pay me for this — this job that I can’t wait to start.” I was so happy to have my own classroom and to be part of a great caring team of teachers at Hillcrest School. I loved my job!

I remember another time, I went to Italy, and I had a great tour guide, and I said to her, “You must be a retired teacher, you gave such a wonderful tour.” She was speechless, started to cry, got down on her knees, kissed my hand, and told me that was the greatest compliment I could have given her, to have called her “Teacher.”

As I am now retired and substitute once in a while, I realize that times have changed. There are increasing demands on teachers in an ever-changing world. But those thank-you notes and cards, and emails, are still so appreciated. So, to all teachers, especially my fellow teachers, and to my teaching staff at Our Lady of Peace Church. Thank you!

Have you thanked your teacher today?


Turners Falls

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