Letter: Socialism? No thanks!

I guess I am an average conservative, I am not jealous of those who have more than I, nor do I envy people who have worked harder than myself or those who were fortunate enough to be born into money. I don’t feel entitled to anything I have not earned and don’t expect anyone else to take care of me.

I tried to get food stamps once, years ago shortly after my divorce, I was declined, so I worked harder and didn’t die. When I was a kid, the scare talk of the day was the advancing ice age, we were all gonna freeze to death, but the catch phrase wasn’t catchy enough so it didn’t catch on.

Then I heard cooking on a grill was gonna give us all cancer and we were all gonna die, then I saw Ted Danson on TV saying we only had 10 years to save the planet, that was 23 years ago. I just read an article that told me that the most eaten food in the world, rice, contains arsenic and we are all gonna die, or not.

Now, cattle flatulence and my 17-year-old truck are going to turn the globe into an oven and we are all gonna die. When the evil G.W. Bush was president all we heard was how bad things were, my money went further then, now we have a communist president and I hear on the state-run media that things are booming and yet we have record unemployment and more people on public assistance than ever before and my money doesn’t take me nearly as far as it did just 5 years ago.

If socialism is so great why are the old socialist countries abandoning that way of life in favor of what this country used to be?



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