Letter: A positive force

Over the last few years there has been a steady uptick in the diversity and richness of the cultural offerings in and around Greenfield. I have two words for you about why: Becky George. It has been my pleasure as her friend and sometime coconspirator to sweat from my labors at the Green River Festival, to massage my tired feet after hours of standing at the Cider Salon at Cider Days and happily greet viewers into the night at the Brick and Mortar Film Festival. We’ve talked into the night about the potential for creating a cultural hub, or a collaborative space for artists to share ideas and learn from one another. Voila, the Creative Economy Summit. It seemed no matter what event I went to, Becky was there to help and cheer on whatever creative venture was under way. To Becky, it wasn’t just her job (and no this isn’t a paid for endorsement), she believes in the power of art and the community of artists who live here. Sure she would host or go to an artists opening to show her support, but she would come home with art that touched her soul, too.

The creative spirit and seeds she has planted for the arts here are her legacy. Let’s continue to cultivate it and elevate the importance of the arts to our community. Thanks for so much Becky. You will be missed in so many ways as a leader in this effort, but I happily look forward to toasting your next venture!



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