Editorial: Filling the job

Brief thoughts on some of the events making news from around Franklin County and the North Quabbin area:

Dateline Deerfield: It makes sense to try to have the interim town administrator on the job before current Town Administrator Bernie Kubiak heads off to retirement at the end of June. That overlap will allow a certain amount of knowledge to be transferred between Kubiak and whoever lands the interim job. It also gives the town a little more time when it comes to finding the right permanent replacement, even if it turns out selectmen decide to offer the job to the individual in the interim position. Meanwhile the board is tinkering with the job description and we would think that, before hiring a permanent replacement, selectmen would want to have the changes in place so none of the candidates are surprised.

Dateline Northfield: If Northfield residents are going to be a factor when it comes to the future of the golf course and associated property that Northfield Mount Hermon School has put up for sale, they’re going to have to get their act together quickly. A step in that direction does seem to be getting the Trust for Public Land or some other like group involved. And despite the appearance that there seems to be no hurry here, and the real estate agent handling the sale hasn’t received an offer, that could change quickly should an offer close to the $1.25 million be made. Perhaps, another tack is to try to persuade NMH to parcel off the golf course as a gift to Northfield.

Dateline Bernardston: Even though, the application was withdrawn, for now, the possibility of a Dunkin’ Donuts in Bernardston created some controvery. We have to admit we’re of two minds when it comes to a petition effort looking to keep a Dunkin’ Donuts from being added to the Sunoco gas station on Church Street. We can understand those folks who don’t want to see such a national chain setting up shop in town, since it does chip away at the individual character of a community. But we also think it is possible for the town and Sandri Co., which owns the gas station, to work together so that it blends in with this part of downtown. At the same time, we think the best way to handle one’s opposition to such an addition is to simply not spend your money there and instead give your support to the true local establishments.

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