Letter: The Lunt property

I find with great interest more contamination has been found — after Greenfield’s legislative branch rubber-stamped a “yes” (Mr. Athey was the only nay) vote at a recent council meeting regarding the purchase of the Lunt property on Federal Street. It is pretty clear the Town Council avoided the hard questions in open forum and did not wait for a full report on this property before voting and gave the executive branch the green light to spend $1.5 million and embraced the proposal with its blessings.

I find this disturbing to say the least.

I continue to wonder why the executive branch would not have been more responsible in their actions regarding unknown hazardous material impacts in the area before making an offer? So what does the executive branch do? Ask the legislative branch to reward Lunt a $1.5 million bailout for a failed business ...

The City of Greenfield should not be in the real estate business. This is the prime reason local governments are not allowed to invest in equities, etc; too much risk and unknown reward. We see first hand the issue here with the Bendix property on Laurel Street, which the city has not developed for years. I could go on.

The City of Greenfield is not a wealthy community. I urge the executive branch to take the Lunt property in bankruptcy court. I doubt the court process will cost Greenfield $1.5 million. The city will be saddled with the responsibility for the cleanup, whether we buy it or take it in court.

Greenfield has plenty of blight and empty buildings. One more will not make a difference and it will save the citizens $1.5 million dollars to be put to better use than a pre-packaged bailout for Lunt.

It is my sincere hope the legislative branch takes a more proactive approach instead of putting faith in a few people who really are setting us up for this massive train wreck and remember it is the taxpayers, not the executive branch, who pay the freight.


East Greenfield

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