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Letter: Facts don’t support view

OK, OK Ms. Swinerton, I get it — you don’t care for this president and his administration; you are not to be swayed from your appointed myopic course, i.e., to rant and rail about Mr. Obama’s latest failings and character flaws.

In your recent article, i.e., Culprit in Gun Violence, you have now appointed yourself a presumed expert on societal violence and its relationship to the media, and have ultimately linked this to our president.

Your logic is flawed, your facts erroneous and your conclusions concerning. To wit: there is no credible evidence in peer-reviewed professional journals, and by those I mean research based on scientific fact, to support the conclusions you glibly state.

The truth of the matter is that video game use and exposure to violent movies does not cause individuals to then go out and create mayhem. Simply not so, Ms. Swinerton, and if you doubt my assertions and credibility then go ask the FBI, which has carefully scrutinized and collated this data — its conclusions are cautiously tentative but point to the fact that violence is down in this country and the media has no definitive or causal effect on whether a person commits an act of violence after viewing this material.

Your ultimate conclusion that Mr. Obama is somehow culpable or connected to the violence in this country is hard to fathom as there is no scientific justification for this misguided finger-pointing on your part.

So, if you must, Ms. Swinerton, please feel free to inform us about your political thoughts; but please refrain from editorializing about matters you have no knowledge about, and please don’t try, in some illogical fashion, to link the president to the heinous crimes you contend are related to media violence.



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