Letter: Men, women different

Women are special. At 80 years old, I still admire attractive females. However, the lady I have been married to for 60 years means the world to me. I will never consider replacing her.

Women are very different from men, thank God. The following comments are general in nature. There are always exceptions. The opposite sex is talented in many ways with projects that require diligent and concentrated attention. They produce some of the most beautiful handiwork that men have no interest in nor would they be good at it. Many are excellent cooks and they enjoy working hours to turn out a good meal. The men sit down and eat it in 30 minutes. Then the ladies have a couple of hours of cleanup. The whole process is done with an excellent attitude.

Both sexes have different jobs when it comes to raising children. Men are the hard liners and take disciplinary action when needed. Women always show love, affection, and compassion towards their offspring regardless of what they do. That balance is missing in single-parent families.

The new policy of allowing women to fill combat assignments result in additional problems compared to an all-male force. They are physically weaker. Men and women in close proximity develop personal relationships. That can divert attention away from the mission at hand. A man always wants to protect females in dangerous situations. The enemy because of that attempt could kill him.

Both sides during combat actions always take prisoners. Female prisoners are at greater risk of being abused by their captors. Once again, their male counterparts would attempt to stop it and could result in them being murdered.

In my opinion, ladies should be exempt from participating in combat until such time when men start having babies.


Ruston, La.

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