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Letter: Just getting started

Well, today marks another milestone in the administration of the current occupant of “Our House” in D.C. We have millions of seniors who worked hard all their lives and paid into the system. There are millions of veterans who were unfortunately disabled defending this country and we have millions of men and women currently defending our nation at home and abroad. Their Social Security checks, Disability compensation and Service pay for those currently serving is the only income these people have.

However, rather than tell foreign countries that we will be delaying our payments to them, we have to endure yet another threat to our own people. When Obama tells the country, that unless Congress raises the debt ceiling that the elderly, the disabled, disabled veterans and current service members will not be receiving their rightly deserved checks, he exhibits his utter disdain for America and its citizens.

Blame Bush for a lot of things if you must, but never did he threaten our deserving citizens. They say that politics is a dirty game and a blood sport, but this president is absolutely disgusting. I am quite sure that he will continue to pay the so-called green companies their money (it’s actually our money) and will make sure that all of the pork put in bills for such things as studying robotic squirrels and the drinking habits of Brazilian prostitutes along with other grants will receive their money on time.

No one needs to threaten this president about defaulting on payments, he is fully capable of defaulting and threatening our citizens who have done so much for our country all by himself. All I can say is just wait until after the inauguration, you ain’t seen anything yet!


South Deerfield

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