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Letter: On a personal level

Thank you, Jonathan von Ranson for bringing the point of climate change on a personal/local level. It is a well thought out article.

In the 1980s, I joined a local group through a program from Living Simple that addressed consumption and waste. I was also part of a demonstration in Cambridge on a Black Friday to bring awareness on this topic with handouts of suggestions to replace gifts with acts of kindness. Needless to say, both these activities were not popular. Our strong local environmentalist, Nancy Hazard, is initiating house meetings to help one another on cutting back our use of petroleum. The “seed is planted” to be more pro-active.

From the book, “The World Without Us,” by Alan Weisman, he writes about a demilitarized zone in Korea that is prohibited from habitation since 1953. It is now a shining example of wildlife returning that otherwise was disappearing.

You might want to read the book “Dirty Electricity” if you’re brave. It is written by Samuel Milham, M.D., MPH, who is well recognized for his public health work. For instance, he tells of the Amish communities (living without electricity) having no incidences of ADD/ADHD. All his other findings are backed up with years of research.

It is time we all need to be informed and proactive on slowing down climate change.



Mary Shaffer is an officer for the non-profit Environmental Health Coalition of Western Mass. She also writes a column on healthy living on a budget.

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