Letter: School protection

Primary schools need same protection as other establishments.

I think it’s safe to say that most colleges and universities have and have had, for some time, a hired security service in place on campuses all across the country to prevent unwanted situations. Should an elementary school be less deserving of such protection?

Following 911, the Department of Defense decided to up-the-ante on “all” American schools overseas on U.S. military bases to better protect the facilities against invaders. This meant erecting chain-link fencing around the perimeter of the school grounds and having only “one” entry-point, which housed a security guard and identification or appointment was required to obtain access to the school.

If colleges, universities, factories, government buildings ... etc., are worthy of these types of security deterrents, then why haven’t we enlisted or initiated a similar policy before in our primary schools which are most vulnerable! Only commonsense.



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