Letter: Skewed survey?

The Survey Committee, a subcommittee of the Rowe School Building Committee, was charged with the task of creating and distributing a survey to gain information about the opinions of all townspeople regarding the replacement of the former Rowe School, which was tragically destroyed by fire in August.

The subcommittee appeared to take seriously its mandate to gather information in a manner that increased the probability that a large number of town residents would respond to the survey and would feel confident that their responses would be counted. Inherent in this thinking was the decision that one survey form would be sent to each adult member of every household and that the survey forms would be numbered. The numbering of the survey forms was intended to reduce the possibility of a blank survey form being copied multiple times, completed in a particular fashion, submitted and thus the skewing the results and misrepresenting the opinions of all town residents.

At the Dec. 20, 2012 meeting of the School Building Committee it was reported that the survey forms would be numbered. Therefore, I was surprised and disappointed to find that the survey forms that appeared in our mailboxes on Dec. 28 were not numbered.

I fear this omission will severely affect townspeople’s confidence in the accuracy of any results reported from this survey.

I suggest that the School Building Committee, and the Board of Selectmen that appointed this committee, immediately address this matter and offer some corrective action.



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