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Letter: Fuitloops? Please

Mr. William Sillin helps readers avoid his nonsense by exhibiting clear ignorance of feedback loops and the carbon cycle, letting alone the non sequiturs and a curious appeal to an “unearthly” feeling which fill out his exhortation to not worry, ignorance is bliss. Readers, that is, who are able to employ a more sublunar faculty: critical thinking.

There’s the rub. Take, for example, a letter from the previous day. It is easy to mock a buffoon strutting like a peacock but his equating the opinions of scientists (no matter how misrepresented) with fruitloops touting Mayan (or any other) doomsday provide more than enough evidence that critical thinking is not to be an assumed trait.

The prevalence of this kind of ignorance will not get better unless children are taught how to think critically, and we should consider the effects of stressing standardized testing, and rote learning on future generations. The Recorder could assist in this by placing opinions which insist that belief trumps evidence to the religion section, where they belong.



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