Letter: Spirit of giving

As reported by The Recorder, in the early hours of Friday, Dec. 7, The People’s Pint was broken into and its safe was carried away. Although thousands of dollars were stolen, the real heart breaker was the hundreds of dollars of donations to the Franklin County Community Meals Program also in the safe. This was not just a theft from The Pint but in reality a theft from the entire community of Pint customers who were so generous in their giving to this vital program.

What has prompted me to write this letter though isn’t the theft but what has taken place as a result of it. Within five days after the break-in, our community began to show its true colors once again as folks began coming to the Pint sometimes with the sole intention of making another donation to the FCCMP. Just writing this gives me goose bumps! Hundreds of dollars have been pouring in with some donations exceeding an amount none of us would have predicted. It is likely that this theft will result in the largest donation we’ve ever collected for this organization! It almost feels like some sort of parallel to the story of the Grinch where initial greed and selfishness on the part of an individual leads to even greater good for the community as a result of all the generous and loving hearts among us. Thank you to our Franklin County community and beyond. This is yet another reason why we couldn’t imagine living or running a business in any place other than right here.

May your holidays shine even brighter from this.



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