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Letter: Violent influences

There is constant speculation on television as to why individuals shoot innocent and unsuspecting people. The latest one in a Connecticut school is perhaps the worst because 20 little children were killed. It is truly tragic. I believe that the value of life has been diminished through TV violence, video games and modern songs. Often, the main theme of all three is to shoot or blow up everyone and everything in sight. For years, our youth have been exposed to this concept, which is depicted as normal.

There is one possible cause of the shootings that is not mentioned. After each event, there is detailed coverage every hour for days. The picture of the perpetrator is shown over and over making the person infamous. Included is the reaching back as far as 1966 and the Texas Tower murders. Each mishap from 1966 forward is described showing the shooter’s picture. In my opinion, this news coverage can be credited with the greatest influence that causes these copycat killings.


Ruston, La.

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