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Letter: No cheer here

The Christmas Spirit is most definitely in the air!

I would like to take a brief moment to thank the Town of Greenfield for the Welcome Home Gift bestowed Saturday, Dec.15.

Arriving from Florida in the early morning hours, pleasant visions of years past ran through my mind. In those visions, off Main Street parking was free, so I secured a spot on Hope Street, placed four quarters in the meter as a gift to the town and proceeded to make my way to Brad’s for breakfast. While walking there, my eyes caught a glimpse of a “Free Parking for the Holiday’s poster” on the Chamber’s window confirming my vision. Arriving at Brad’s, I was overjoyed that after all these years; Kim remembered my favorite breakfast and Dan would still cook it. After visiting, made my way over to Baker Office Supply and Wilson’s for items you cannot find anywhere else. After spending too much time and money, headed to the post office and then back to the car.

Upon reaching the car, I discovered that the Town of Greenfield bestowed a Welcome Home Gift in the form of a $10 Parking Violation that gives even extra. When paying this wonderful gift per the instructions on the ticket, it continued to give as an additional $3.50 was required to pay the ticket electronically.

To the Town of Greenfield, please take a look around. Brad’s, Baker Office Supply and Wilsons are some on the major cornerstones of Greenfield that keep downtown alive. In my humble opinion, a parking policy such as the above during the Holidays does nothing to draw traffic to downtown and bring revenue to these and other local businesses helping them remain alive. As others experience your gifts (parking tickets) during the holiday season, the attraction of big box stores will become more appealing thus resulting in a bigger impact than losing a few parking violation dollars for the town’s coffers. Please keep the holiday spirit and downtown alive. Rethink this policy and the message it is sending.


Glen St. Mary, Fla.

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