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Letter: Inside Walmart

This Walmart issue doesn’t seem to go anywhere in your city.

Are you going to add a special clause to your building code that states a judge will decide where any contractor can build.

I wonder how many companies have shied away from your area due to this ongoing fiasco.

I can remember we all shopped at Railroad Salvage and no one put up this fuss.

I wish you could have heard the story that a lady told us the other day down at the Boston Road Walmart.

She’s 66 and she was taking care of a veteran at his home for six years and he died six months ago.

At age 66 no one would hire her until that “evil empire” Walmart did two weeks ago.

She also told us that she has $150 left out of her Social Security check each month.

So when I drive by a Walmart, I don’t see mortar and bricks, I see stories like this every day in a building where everyone comes together.

My wife and I were down at the Boston Road Walmart recently and they had 25 shopping carts lined up against the wall at 7 in the morning and by noontime they were filled to capacity.

All the clothes, food and toys were donated by employees and shoppers for the less fortunate for Christmas.

I just hope none of the people who oppose this project ever need a job like the woman I mentioned.

There are lots of stories out there about Walmart, after all they employ over a million people in America.

This is a lot of unemployment and welfare checks we don’t have to fund.

I hope the judge gives Greenfield a Walmart soon.


South Deerfield

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