Evans’ rant ‘funny’

Edward Evans appears be a very angry guy. He claims that all Republicans have left is “name calling” and then proceeds to call Mitt Romney and Republicans every name in the book. Is he too ignorant to see his hypocrisy? What happened to tolerance? Openmindedness? And diversity of thought? Evidently these don’t apply to angry liberals like Mr. Evans. What’s funny about his angry rant is that he claims Republicans have turned into “sore losers,” but most liberals I hear from in the editorials seem to be full of hatred and anger and they WON the election! Imagine if they lost! It’s frightening. The amount of venom and intolerance that seems to constantly spew from radical left-wingers like Mr. Evans toward people who simply disagree with him politically is staggering. I also found it humorous that he claims Karl Rove and his “billionaire boys club” were unable to buy this last election, but evidently it’s OK when billionaires like George Soros succeed in purchasing one. The hypocrisy and double standards never seem to end when it comes to whining liberals like Mr. Evans.



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