Letter: Worthwhile reading

We are fifth-grade students at the Greenfield Center School. In our literature group at school we are reading the book, “Perloo the Bold,” by Avi. One part includes conflict over a piece of land. Similar conflicts are going on between Israel and Palestine. We find these conflicts to be hateful and each side’s reaction overly violent. We understand that these conflicts are hard to resolve. We think that it would be better if there was a peace agreement.

Palestine has just been accepted by the U.N. in a nonmember observer state. We support this decision entirely, but we do not support them joining the International Criminal Court because they would be able to bring cases against Israel such as, unnecessary military and missile attacks. This would only anger Israel and make the conflict worse.

We hope that someday if you haven’t read “Perloo the Bold” that you will and we hope that you will see the connections between this very real event and what is happening and what happens in Avi’s masterpiece of a book.




Greenfield Center School

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