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Letter: Expensive purchase

Just a short while ago, by way of The Recorder, Greenfield taxpayers were told they would be a receiving a slight tax break. Where is it or should I say where is it going?

Is Greenfield really in the position to purchase the Lunt property?

The taxpayers of Greenfield are soon to be paying for a new high school and now the MAYOR is pushing to purchase the Lunt property. How much money will the mayor’s plan call for to clean up (contaminants)and maintain, and how long will the town sit on yet another piece of property? Already $130,000 to maintain ball fields is pretty excessive. (Maybe that $130,000 could have been a piece of the $225,000 the school department just received). First we needed to purchase the Bendix building. I don’t see anyone rushing to buy it! Then we needed to purchase the trailer park property. For what? Is Greenfield really afraid to let someone come in and open a business or redevelop the property and put it back on the tax roll?

Common knowledge is when times are tough, you make good with what you have and you don’t spend beyond your means. Mayor Martin needs to look around, look outside the box. Drive around the streets of Greenfield and look at the homes that are in disrepair or needing make-overs. Don’t you think these home owners would like to make improvements? Times are tough maintaining a mortgage, insurance, lights, cable, phone, sewer,water, heating your home and, yes, let’s not forget those PROPERTY TAXES. How much more can the Greenfield taxpayers afford?



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