Letter: Election evils

On Nov. 6, evil triumphed. Denise Andrews lied her way to re-election. Run against her and she’ll run to the police!

Elizabeth Warren (aka “Lieawatha”) beat Sen. Scott Brown.

And Barry Obama, the “Food Stamp president,” will be harming America for four more years.

Recorder columnist Gary Sanderson: “I must say I’m relieved that Mitt Romney is gone for good. We didn’t need him.”

We don’t need you either, Gary. Do us all a favor and retire!

Mitt has been called greedy and selfish, yet he gives far more to charity than Obama and Biden.

After Hurricane Sandy, Mitt loaded cases of bottled water onto a truck for the storm victims. The president hugged a few people, got his picture taken with Chris Christie, then took off.

Romney is a decent man and a qualified leader, and he’s scandal free! Yet the Left thinks he’s Jack the Ripper.

Twentysomething author Jason Mattera wrote a book titled “Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation.”

I can picture all the zombies, young and old alike, marching to the polls on Nov. 6, arms outstretched, eyes bulging, chanting in unison: “Must re-elect Barack. Yes We Can. You didn’t build that.”

Mature voters (aka Republicans) pulled the lever for Romney, who would’ve turned this country around. But Mitt’s too pro-America, and that frightened the zombies. They feel much safer having a radical leftist in the White House.

The economy’s still in the toilet, millions of people are suffering, yet liberals remain oblivious. Obama could set fire to an orphanage and it wouldn’t matter. The zombies are gonna love him no matter what.



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