Letter: The nation’s choice

After a presidential campaign that was marred by the most outrageous levels of arrogance and hypocrisy that I’ve ever seen; and the most egregious personal attacks imaginable upon a decent and exemplary man — fabrications, lies, innuendos and character assignation taking the place of honorable discourse — the American electorate has chosen to extend the tragedy to our nation of this little man’s presidency.

Every Marxist, Trotskyite and “Limousine Liberal” Socialist of my acquaintance is dancing in the streets and dusting off their Che Guevara posters. The public employee union thugs are champing at the bit to get “card check” in place and remove the secret ballot from the equation — the lexicon — of workers rights.

The gentlemanly, and manly, graciousness with which Gov. Romney conceded the election should stand a final testament to the opportunity lost to our country. In my opinion, the winner is not qualified to tie Gov. Romney’s shoelaces.

The country has chosen style over substance, lies over truth, arrogance over humility, dependency over independence, chains over freedom, incompetence and rock-star status over proven accomplishment.

Get ready, America, the bill will come due soon enough.



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