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Letter: Animal cruelty

My cat has been shot!

I live in Riverside in Gill, I have lived here for almost 40 years. I have two cats. Just yesterday, my Paint came in and was crying very loud, she was unable to walk.

I had no clue what happened to her; she spent the night curled up in agony till I could bring her to the vet today. It seems someone shot her with a pellet gun and shattered her leg. The outcome was she would have to have surgery at a great expense to me, for something I had no control of. We decided to splint it for six weeks, if that does not work, she may have to have her tiny little leg amputated.

What could she have possibly done for some cruel person to shoot her?

So I hope this letter gets seen by the person in Riverside who decided to shoot my Paint. I have filed a police report.

You are cruel and evil. You have caused unmentionable harm to my cat and also a huge expense to me, which neither of us deserved.

My Paint is an innocent victim here.



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