Letter: Bank fees

Am I the only one to be disgusted with bank fees to use our own money?

Must be the banks are hurting for funds when they have to charge you for everything from using ATM’s and check cashing at a bank where you do not have an account.

The Town of Greenfield funnels its checks through TD Banknorth, N.A.

They tell me from time to time that they must charge me $5 to cash a check, which is drawn on itself. This happened to me Sunday, when I went to cash a refund check from the Town for $10.21. I recall there is a law which states the bank from which the check is written, must pay the amount in FULL. I called the TD Home Office and was told this is not the case.

It seems rather incongruent that our Town would use a bank, which takes back our money upon presentation to cash, even though we don’t do our banking there. I am also a substitute teacher in town and was charged $5 one time to cash my teacher’s check. I complained to Congressman Olver’s office, and, I was never charged again.

I think it’s time for Congress to put the cuffs on our banking system. I hope more people complain and place the pressure on our financial systems. AND, Mr. Mayor, how about twisting a few wrists at TD Banknorth?


MSG, USAFR, Retired


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