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Letter: Ancient thinking?

A story was recently related to me that I found incredulous. It seems that an older (not that age matters) resident of Greenfield was recently “pulled over” by a marked car for having an expired driver’s license. A second cruiser shortly arrived on the scene for backup and to assist with the composition of the ticket.

The “perp” had a medium pizza (pepperoni and double cheese) on the seat in plain view and was heading home (less than a mile away) from the pizzeria. While he was being informed that he would have to exit his vehicle and find alternative transportation to his residence, he hailed a friend who happened to be walking by and asked for a ride home.

My point is this: Would it have been an egregious violation of state law to have allowed this citizen to drive himself home stipulating that he send proof within five days that his license had been renewed? With proof in hand could the officer than nullify the $50 fine? How many of us have lost track of our license expiration date since the commonwealth stopped sending reminders? There must be a better way to generate revenue than to nickel-and-dime otherwise law-abiding citizens. But then again, what do I know? Younger friends of mine accuse me of listing to “dinosaur rock” for music!



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