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Letter: Making my choice

It has been said that, “Truth is the first casualty of war.” These days it seems the same can be said of political campaigns. As an Independent voter, who has voted for both Democrats and Republicans over the years, like most people I have been appalled at the gross distortions and outright lies that have characterized this particular election cycle. I vote for the candidate with the most personal integrity, greatest level of competence and ability to use independent thinking skills and greatest understanding of and interest in the greater good of the community over that of special interests from which candidates receive campaign contributions and other benefits.

In my conversations with other voters the question always comes down to “how do we know who or what to believe?” I’ve discovered that along with reading a wide variety of political news coverage and commentary that there is a much quicker method for people who don’t have the time to put into in-depth research. In the current Senate race in Massachusetts, that method is simple to Google (I use the news tab) the words (without quotes) Warren, Brown, Fact Check. You will receive literally hundreds of pages to read. Some are biased so it pays to read a wide variety but in time you will get to key information and get a sense of who is most trustworthy along with learning about issues. Of course, the same method works with any noteworthy campaign.

In my case, I’ve concluded that Elizabeth Warren is by far better suited to the needs of Massachusetts citizens as well as those of the nation. Impressive personal history of wholesomeness, trustworthiness and hard work. Admirable history of achievement and level of competence. And one of those rare people who because, along with their own hard work, did receive help from community resources and now feels a deep urge to give back out of compassion for other hardworking people struggling to make their way as she did. In Elizabeth Warren’s case, she is giving up a comfortable and affluent professional lifestyle to enter the toxic and vicious partisan environment of our current Washington political culture. Once you try the Google Fact Check method, I think you may well conclude as I have that Elizabeth Warren is the better choice this time around.



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