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Letter: Heed his words

Usually I write letters that reflect my indignation at something published in The Recorder, but after reading Dan Brown’s My Turn of Oct. 30, I feel compelled to say thank you both to him and the paper for publishing another of his cogent and insightful writings and even more compelled to appeal to progressives throughout the valley to heed his words.

This is an enormously important election for all of the reasons he presents, and more. The Supreme Court has an aging membership and the thought of more appointees like Scalia, Aliotto, Roberts and Thomas is appalling — say goodbye to Roe v. Wade and hello to the criminalization of a woman’s right to choose. Catholic bishops have condemned the Ryan budget for removing what the bishops call the “circle of safety” from those among us not able to borrow money from their parents. The comments made behind closed doors to $50,000-a-plate dinners about people who are “taking” from society — seniors, veterans, the disabled — truly reinforce the fact that the Republicans and their candidates are not interested in a fair deal, square deal, or any deal for those of us who cannot afford elevators for their Cadillacs.

To the consternation of many in his party, candidate Romney agreed with almost everything President Obama said in the last debate, after saying for 18 months that he disagreed, and vehemently, with the president’s policies. This is clear proof that he will say and do anything to get elected, including voter suppression, lying, registration manipulation and outright extortion, as seen by the letters sent by the Koch Brothers to employees, threatening them with job loss if they don’t vote for Romney. These are the “job creators,” hard at work.

A large ship takes time to turn around in hostile seas, and that is what Obama has faced for four years. But the ship of state is turning — the economy is improving, wars have ended or will soon end and people who in the past have been relegated to emergency rooms for medical care can now be insured. I implore voters who are undecided or displeased to listen to Dan Brown. This election is too important to the future of America to do otherwise.



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