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Letter: Elitist viewpoint

In response to Mr. Dan Brown, High Stakes Election op-ed piece. “People living in western Massachusetts tend to be more intelligent and better educated” and therefore agree with Mr. Brown’s way of thinking. I ask Mr. Brown, does the word elitist ring a bell. There are many forms of intelligence and understanding. Truth, to quote, “Star Wars,” constantly depends upon one’s point of view. To degrade people for watching Fox News as being less intelligent or even stupid smacks of complete arrogance. Mr. Brown also makes the blanket statement: “In Ohio, Republicans have placed threatening billboards in minority neighborhoods in order to intimidate residents from voting ...” Facts, please Mr. Brown. Facts. No further explanation or back up is provided. Mr. Brown states and god forbid, there are “Romney signs in central Massachusetts.” My goodness, stupid people live in central Massachusetts, which is actually really close to western Massachusetts. Oh my! The potential contamination that could leach into the valley. I truly wish residents who believe like Mr. Brown could come down from this high horse of superior intelligence and academic elitism. Reduce the ego. Fulfill the Ghandi/Buddhist thought Mr. Brown that you constantly espouse and recognize we are all equal. Isn’t that the progressive way? Or is that spot only reserved for people with multiple college degrees. And by the way, I am voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson.



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