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Letter: Follow the money

I thought it might be interesting to help the public understand, since so little media coverage exists on how wealthy donors and corporations have invested in this presidential election more now than any time since the 1972 Watergate scandal. Due to a decrease in regulations and other court decisions in 2010, big donors returned with their own agendas, investing huge sums, hiding in nonprofits, keeping contributor names secret, Super-Pacs, amassing hundreds of millions of dollars to promote their agendas. One of the largest donors to Romney is Las Vegas casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson. He says they back Mitt Romney because they agree with his small-government philosophy or oppose President Barack Obama’s new regulations on banks and the health-care industry. However, their return on Romney investment is the bottom line. Here’s how: Adelson, 79, will see his casino profits soar if Romney’s pledge to crack down on China turns out as planned. More than half of Adelson’s gambling-empire profits come from his four casinos in the Chinese territory of Macau. Adelson’s Sands China Ltd. owns the resorts, accounted for $2.95 billion of the company’s total $5.34 billion in revenue (first half of this year). If the value of the Chinese currency were higher against the dollar — Romney will place demands on china that would have a multimillion-dollar impact, hence Adelson’s bottom line, Sands China’s revenue for the first half of this year could rise by as much as $73.8 million if Romney becomes president. He will pressure Beijing to allow their money to strengthen, and the bottom line, vast amounts of money and power return to donor. If anyone is further interested in how other large donors are buying candidates, hence our country, please read more at the following: truth-out.org or bloomberg.com.



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