Letter: Premature selection

Fumbled this pick

Oops! You did it again. The Recorder sports department just can’t help themselves. You have anointed Greeenfield’s Zach Bartak, as you put it, the “likely” Recorder Most Valuable Player Award recipient in your recent high school football preview. Now I want to say that by all accounts Zach is a wonderful young man and, as I have known his dad for many years, comes from a wonderful family. And I want to also say that Zach is very deserving as is evident every time he takes the field. But to peg Turners Falls’ Ryan Wilder merely just his competitor is outrageous.

As I am a Turners alum and bleed blue and white, I may tend to be a little biased here myself. But to single one out from the other when both may be having record-shattering years is very premature at best. A third of the season is yet to be played. So, please keep your prognostications to the weekly pigskin picks. Your goof has put a target on Zach’s back and created bulletin board material for Turners Falls. Good luck going forward to both Zach and Ryan and their respective teams. And thank you in advance to both schools for what may prove to be one of the most interesting seasons in the long history of the Turners Falls/Greenfield football rivalry. It’s certainly more enjoyable than worrying about who will be our next president or if Elizabeth Warren really was of Native American descent.


Turners Falls

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